Thursday, 12 July 2012

Work OOTD...

Just a quick glimpse into my work wardrobe again. 
My cat getting in on the act!
The skirt I am wearing is from American Apparel. I love it, its a soft jersey type fabric and is super stretchy which is nice when you sit behind a desk all day. I had wanted it for ages but couldn't justify spending over £30 on it at the time. Eventually it came into the sale and I bought two for cheaper than one at full retail price so I own one in navy and one in black.
 My shoes were £5 in Primark... total bargain.
The Shirt is quite old and from Newlook. I added a belt because I think the gold buckle cuts the outfit up and adds something a bit more interesting to it.

The pockets are so soft and big that they don't make you look bulky when you wear it which is always a risk on skirts with pockets.
I like wearing shirts which are slightly baggier as I feel they sit nice on the neckline.


  1. chic and classy!

    thanks for stopping by, happy to follow you back! xx

  2. I also love wearing baggier tops. Great outfit!

    xo Jamie

    1. Plus you can eat 2 donuts with your lunch and no one can see if you wear baggy tops hah x

  3. Looks like a perfect work outfit! My dog always gets in my photos too haha x

    1. Bless them, i think it makes the photos look more personable though :) x


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