Wednesday, 25 July 2012

DIY Ombre nails...

I haven't done a nail post in a little while and I have been dying to try ombre nails. I have done my best and although not perfect, i don't think they are and for a first attempt.
I used a dark grey base coat and then once dry, used a damp make-up sponge to dab on the brown colour. I gradually built up the colour, starting at the tip and fading it down. It did take quite a few layers to get the desired effect.

This pic makes them look blue, they are intact dark grey and brown
I think next time I will blend a little more to get a smoother transition from colours. let me know if there are any easier or different ways to approach the ombre nails.


  1. pretty, I wanna try. I just bought a black dress and was thinking to go with dark nail polish for my friend party. This might go with it:)..Cheers


  2. They honestly look so much better in the flesh and would spice up any black outfit :) x


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