Monday, 30 July 2012

Putting my face on...

So here is my first make-up blog. I thought I would start easy and show you all my everyday beauty products. I have a very basic routine as I am quite lazy and usually in a rush. The image below is a typical day and the only time i really 'cake' it on is on a night out, where my routine pretty much completely changes.

My routine starts day and night with baby wipes and astral moisturiser. After suffering from severe acne I have pretty much tried every cleanser, toner and other miracle product on the market but I always come back to the cheapest and easiest make up remover and skin cleanser. I have to say Johnson's are my favourite brand just because they are really soft and really hold in their moisture.
I then apply my Garnier BB cream in Light. I wasn't too sure about this at first but now love it. It smells nice, has a hint of colour to hide any blemishes and has SPF too. Its a lot lighter than a foundation and although I do turn to foundation if I'm having a bad skin day, this pretty much does the job. I find you do have to blend a lot as it is quite orange in tone even for the lightest shade. Although I haven't photographed it, I use the Soap & Glory concealer. Its amazing because it has two shades a very pale one and one which is more skin tone which means you can blend away to hide the blemish. It also has a small mirror in the compact and a powder to stop it from rubbing off during the day. If I were to suggest one single product that everyone should buy, It would be that concealer.
I then apply a light powder to smooth my skin and keep my concealer etc in place and finish off with a bit of blusher. My favourites are by Mac. Although the brand is expensive they really are worth the money as they last for ages and they last on your skin all day. My best friend bought me this for christmas as my old one was running out and I use it every day.
Because I am a red head, my eyelashes tend to be very pale so I like to line my eyes with various eyeliners, starting with gold in the inner corner and working out to brown and always a touch of green to bring out the colour in my eyes. I am blessed with having my hair and eyes matching in colour so I like to take advantage of this. I use heated curlers by Champneys which Santa got me for Christmas and apply a few layers of Soap and Glory mascara.

Although my routine sounds like a lot. It really isn't and I literally take about 5 minutes doing it. So that was my first beauty blog. Let me know what you think and how I can improve it, i don't know if it was maybe too long? Anyway happy reading!!

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