Monday, 23 July 2012

I never win...

I am not the luckiest when entering competitions and contests so when I recently entered a competition on Chars blog, i didn't expect to hear much. But i am happy to announce that for once I have won something.

This is the necklace that I won in the giveaway, a lovely French Connection number. I can't work out whether the pendant is a mouse or birds skull. What do you reckon?

I am not sure whether I will keep it all as one necklace or DIY it a bit yet. I think the pendant would look lovely on a wire bracelet.
So anyway I thought I would share this momentous occasion and say check out Chars blog. And it has confirmed my plan to do my own giveaway. So when I hit 50 followers I will do one, not sure with what yet but its in the pipeline!

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