About Me

I have an unhealthy shoe addiction, can eat my body weight in McDonalds chicken nuggets, spend hours sending and receiving pictures of animals doing stupid stuff and have a penchant for tea pot tea and biscuits. Not your average fitness blogger. 

However it is true, I am a fitness fanatic with a love of all sports, and yes I do love the gym. I set up this blog originally to document my everyday life and what I wear however I got bored. Since then, I have slowly moved into the foods I eat and how I try to live a healthy lifestyle. My passions are cooking, food and fitness. Not your typical student.

My blog is a work in progress and I want to influence others into achieving their goals and basically being happy within their own skin. I believe the food we eat directly corresponds with how we look. If we eat healthy we will look and feel healthy.

I hope I don't bore you to death with my posts. But I would love to hear any comments or ways I can improve my blog.


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