Sunday, 22 July 2012

my weekend in pictures...

So this weekend I went to visit my very good friend Nick. We met in halls at uni and although he left after a month we have kept in contact and I would class him as one of my best friends. We had a lush time, went to london and mooched around Camden Market even though it was packed. Ate yummy chinese food, went shopping some more and walking some more. We then finished off with a visit to Oxford Circus Topshop which is my favourite. I was really restrained and only bought two relatively cheap items, a crop top in black and some wooden cross earrings.

I haven't really got any outfit pics, although i did wear my lush tribal print hot pants as seen here :
I have recently got a new phone, I am now up to date with technology and downloaded Instagram. Yes I know I am a bit behind. So here is a little instagram story of my weekend. Let me know what you think and if you hate it I won't do it again :)
A very slow start to the weekend... literally

Nicks invisible socks... cracked me up... but worked!

Remind me of my Dad!
In Topshop they have the most amazing frozen yoghurt stand... absolutely gorgeous... we had a small topped with strawberries and blueberries. We both said we preferred it to ice-cream.

Perfect end to a perfect weekend!


  1. nice blog!! follow u.
    check my blog if you want!

    1. Thank you, love your blog so fun and interesting. I love to see blogs from other countries and their styles. Following back x

  2. cute photos, i love those socks haha. great blog girl :)


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