Monday, 25 June 2012

inside out...

Just a quick post on an outfit I wore the other day because the sun was shining. My t-shirt was from Primark mens section in small. I haven't decided on what to do with it yet and whether to cut it up and do a bit of DIY. For now I have just turned the sleeves up because the print is really bright on the inside  of the top. I love the print. I have tucked it into my Topshop denim hot pants because otherwise it is really long and i look naked. 

Topshop - Denim Shorts
Iv pinned my hair into a top bun, Im getting slightly obsessed with the bigger the bun the better which is killing my hair with backcombing.
T-Shirt - Primark Mens

Moccasins - River Island - £15 (sale)
I love these shoes because the tassels shake as I walk and I feel like Pocahontas.
Leather belt - ASOS
I teamed with them with my favourite moccasins and leather plaited belt.


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  2. Nice t-shirt!!! I love the navajo style!! Here I am, now I'm following you, If you like my blog can you follow me as well??

    Kisses from Sherry Vintage!!

    1. Thank you... i already am following you :) x


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