Thursday, 28 June 2012

Kerr blimey...

On a recent trip to New York, Victorias Secret Model and just general stunner Miranda Kerr has been showing off her incredible wardrobe. I thought I would share some of the images. She shows how you can look amazing everyday even when on mummy duty. 
Clashing prints <3

shorts <3

 These jeans make her legs look ridiculously long.
I really love this relaxed look, the hat just makes it feel a little bit special.

And to prove she really does have it all, a snap with her drop dead gorgeous movie star hubby...

... and she looks like this after having a baby. Jealous much??


  1. I like Miranda Kerr!
    Lovely post!
    Nice blog.I followed your blog now, follow me?

    1. Thank you... she makes me very jealous! I love how you do your make up, it really stands out in your blogs! x


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