Tuesday, 19 June 2012

thanks for the nail ideas...

So after the last nail blog and ideas from people. This time I tried using a hair grip to make little hearts on my nails, a suggestion from Helen :) - http://helendushko.blogspot.co.uk. However this didn't quite work and i turned the blobby mess into crosses. 

I don't think the pictures do them justice really, i think they look a bit better in the flesh. 
Although they aren't the best nail designs ever, I think I'm getting better :)
I used a Nails inc. polish in Victoria for my base coat and for the top detail I used a No7 Stay Perfect colour in Jammy. I absolutely love the No7 polish, I got it using a £5 off voucher from Boots so it cost me £2 - bargain. It is pink but with an iridescent shimmer, gorgeous for summer. The nails inc polishes are always lovely and strong in colour and I find they last for ages without a top coat if I'm feeling lazy. I also love the names they call them. And No7 is just a classic beauty staple. The colour range isn't huge but they are of very high quality. I do find they take a two coats to get the full intensity of colour but again it stays on my nails for ages. Another good investment is the No7 top coat. It dries them quickly, gives a good shine and makes them vibrant for far longer.
Nails inc. - Victoria
No7 - Jammy


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    1. Thank you very much. Thanks for the visit in return too x

  2. Ooo I love these two colors together :D The desing is also cute, very different but I like it. Thanks for sharing :D



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