Monday, 11 June 2012


Bad skin affects many people of all ages. I unfortunately have suffered from acne for the past 10 years. Countless trips to the doctors and eventually dermatologists has seen my body consume hundreds of pills and potions to varying scales of success. I eventually at the age of 15 was advised to take Roaccutane, a potent pill that, for me, was the miracle drug. At the moment I am fairly happy with the way my skin is, however when I am under the weather or at various hormonal stages my skin does tend to break out. Since the weather has turned cold and rainy again, I have caught a cold and seen the arrival of a few lovely spots. 

Here to help: The teen wanted to show others that there is hope if you have bad skin...

During a slightly down moment of not wanting to emerge from the house, I found a Youtube channel from Cassandra Bankson called DiamondsAndHeels14 which has been a massive inspiration to me. I was skeptical at first not believing that she had ever seen a spot before especially as she is a model. However as the video continued, she removed her make up and her acne issue is clear to see. Cassandra talked us through her make up routine and did a step by step guide to perfect looking skin. This video has made me see the light and helped me to adjust some of my own make up techniques so even if i do have a spot or two to cover up I can do it easily. 

Some of her other make up tutorials are also really good, like how to contour your face with make up. She also has videos on healthy eating and exercise and ways to improve your skin not just cover it up. 

I wrote this post because I wanted to share this video and although beauty is supposed to be on the inside, it does help to feel good about how you look on the outside too.

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