Friday, 1 June 2012

Bacon up a storm...

So in an attempt to look good on the beach in the summer I have been attempting to eat more healthily. I love to cook and although where I live at the moment does't have the ideal cooking conditions, I have managed to cook up a few culinary delights. The most recent was a lovely soup which was possibly the cheapest soup ever made after a trip to the reduced section of the supermarket (a personal favourite of mine).

-the images don't really do it justice...

Leek, potato and bacon soup!

Serves 4


3 Large leeks,
5 Large potatoes,
8 rashers streaky bacon,
1 onion,
2 vegetable stock cubes,
       - I used rosemary, a small pinch of mixed herbs, salt and pepper
a small drizzle of cream to serve.

Basically in a large pan i fried off the onions and half the bacon together, when starting to colour I added in the leeks and potato and fried for a further 5 to 10 minutes depending on how hot you have the pan. I then placed a lid on the pan and let the contents sweat over a low heat. 

After this, i crumbled the stock cubes and seasoning into the pan and stirred allowing them to coat the vegetables. I don't mix my stock prior to adding it to the soup as i like to get all the flavour but control the thickness. So gradually add hot water until you get the desired consistency. If you find it is too thick after blending, you can add more water. 

Allow the vegetables to simmer until tender and take from the heat. Once it has cooled slightly pour into the blender until you get the constancy you want and then return it to the pan. Re heat and then pour into bowls. I had some cream left over so just put a small drizzle on top but you don't really need it as the potatoes give it a nice creamy texture. I then added some more crispy bacon to the top and served with some warm bread. Yum Yum!!

You can freeze the left-overs or eat for lunch the next day.

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