Wednesday, 3 April 2013

food glorious food...

I believe that in order to work out and live to your healthiest and happiest potential, it all begins with food. What you put inside you affects your outside. 

Recently I have been slightly intolerant to Gluten, especially bread, biscuits and pastry which ultimately means I am trying to find ways to avoid and replace these food items. I find this so hard because I am a complete Carboholic. This first truly healthy week has been pretty hard so far. I am craving carbs, sweets and just food in general and a lettuce leaf does not replace a whopping great big cookie. 

However I have been coming up with some tasty meals. On Monday night my boyfriend and I attempted a cauliflower crust pizza. The flour was made from cauliflower... I know I couldn't believe it either. Aside from a minor mishap with the pizza sticking to the baking parchment, it was delicious. I will do a step by step guide soon actually as it was so easy.

Tuesday was a minor set back as we went away for the night and had a brilliant meal out, but I tried to stay healthy opting for duck and veg with a small side of potatoes. But it needed to be done as we don't get to go away very often. And then tonight, we made quinoa burgers. My first experience of quinoa and again really delicious and extremely filling. It probably helps that I'm not a massive meat eater but even my Meat loving boyfriend thoroughly enjoyed it. So all in all a big thumbs up.

Not too much in the way of exercise this week so far but being away for two days made it difficult but lots of walking and sightseeing helped on the stay fit quest.

Quinoa Burgers

Cauliflower Pizza
I actually am really loving trying new recipes and ingredients. Im even making my own granola which is in the oven as I type! Crazy.

If you make one change this week... try a new ingredient or recipe to inspire you.

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