Friday, 10 May 2013


Sorry I have been absent for a week or so... had loads to do to finish uni etc etc. I have literally 5 minutes ago submitted my final piece of work for the year, scary stuff. 

So with this week being hectic, I have tried to remain on the gym train and keep my diet as healthy and regular as possible. But I find it hard at these times to not reach for the

chocolate. If i am craving something, I can't stop thinking about it until I have it so often I will try to skinnify the unhealthy cravings with slightly better versions. My latest obsession is popcorn. Its a brilliant healthy snack and really filling if you make your own.

I used to be a sucker for Butterkist or the Blockbuster Butter versions but scared myself with the content and the price. I bought my own little pack of popping corn and set about creating a yummy chocolate variety. I used a large pan and sprayed with olive oil and heated for around a minute. I then added the corn just covering the bottom of the pan and waited for it all to pop. Whilst it was popping i melted 1tbsp of Nutella in the microwave and used this as a chocolate drizzle over the popcorn. 

So although not super healthy, it is a much skinnier version if you need a cheat treat. They say that air popped popcorn has around 30calories per cup once popped. Obviously this will be slightly more with the fact i used olive oil but I only used the smallest amount of oil and shared the bowl with my boyfriend. 

Popcorn would be a perfect snack to take to the library in a little container or just to munch whilst at work when everyone is tucking into biccies with their tea! Im a serious convert... going to look for more recipe inspiration, maybe a salt and vinegar (my absolute favourite combo) style one instead of crisps. 

Mmmm got my thinking cap on now!!

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